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cleanLABTM WATERMAKER Sachets (5g/20lt + 2.5g/10lt)

Flocculation-disinfection sachets for naturally polluted, turbid water.

The Sustainable, Self-Help, SolutionTo Waterborne Disease in Under-Developed Communities And Relief-Aid Application.

Safe water is the foundation of nutrition, so human settlement must always take place near a reliable water source.
Waterborne disease is therefore not related to the availability of water, but rather its quality.

Raw water of high turbidity shields pathogens from ordinary disinfectants.

  • cleanLABTM WATERMAKER overcomes this with a patented, high-speed clarifier component that:
  • Performs across the widest range of water types:
  • Removes more common waterborne diseases – faster – that ordinary disinfectants
  • Requires up to 60% less chemical per litre than similar technologies.
  • Removes heavy toxins like arsenic, cyanide, parathion and others

Product History

cleanLABTM WATERMAKER has a long and distinguished track record in the global market:

  • World’s 1st single-step disinfection & flocculation combination
  • The 1st chemical to meet new EPA guidelines for emergency treatment in 1986 
  • Unique formula has never been successfully copied or duplicated by any competitor
  • Has – in tablet and sachet form (‘Chlor Floc’) – been used by the US Army since the 90’s.



NGO Supply History

cleanLABTM WATERMAKER has been supported by major NGOs for decades. Clients have included:

  • UNICEF (current Long Term Agreements)
  • IFRC
  • ICRC
  • Action Contre La Faim
  • Medecines Sans Frontieres

The cleanLABTM WATERMAKER Production Facility was also audited by UNICEF in 2009.


Disinfection efficacy is fundamental, but laboratory results only tell part of the story. To maximise success in the real world additional needs must be considered:

    Is the treated water of an acceptable taste and appearance for end users to adopt and implement successfully once supervision is withdrawn?

    Can the technology perform across a wide range of water types without compromising its adoptability?

    Can it be easily understood and integrated into existing local structures and traditions?


 How it Works

 Laboratory results

Modular Water Plants

cleanLABTM WATERMAKER powder treats any naturally polluted raw water in a timed sequence of chemical reactions that mirror those of municipal water works, namely: coagulation-flocculation-sedimentationdisinfection and filtration – all in a single step.
Based on the efficacy and success of the ‘Watermaker’ dual-action patent, Control Chemicals has extended this technology to a package water treatment plant system. Since the chemical performs almost all the work, it follows that a treatment plant based on this unique capability would by far simpler, more economical and more sustainable than other alternatives.

Principles of Operation

The plant works on a simple feed-and-draw system: Raw water is pumped into a holding V-bottom tank, and a pre-measured dose of cleanLABTM WATERMAKER powder is added via an auger. The water is paddle-stirred and left to flocculate, then pumped off through an ordinary sand filter into a final storage unit. The cycle is completed when the settled floc is pumped away to waste, and then repeats.

• Capital cost is a fraction of equivalent systems
• Requires minimal human input and intervention: no special operator skill required
• Components can be sourced locally, even in remote locations.
• Electrical control governed by a simple relay system that can be maintained by any licensed electrician.
• Modular - capacity is easily expanded and simplicity allows for integration with existing infrastructure
• Also available in mobile and manual units