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Consumers are becoming more demanding about food safety and quality. Food safe disinfectant which meet stringent quality demands for full microbial coverage in short span of time as well as safety requirements are rare in the disinfectants industry. Consumer protection legislation and the increasing focus on Quality Assurance standards has also set new challenges for producers and retailers alike. Many fresh food categories are already treated at the point of production, but the inherent difficulties associated with disinfection on an industrial scale means that minimum quality assurance standards are not always met. In addition, the increasing complexity of the global food supply chain and variable hygiene and disinfection standards at the consumer interface point often results in re-contamination through contact with food spoilage and other, more harmful pathogens.

  • Uncontrolled spoilage organisms reduce shelf life, lower consumer satisfaction and undermine profit margins.
  • More hazardous pathogens can destroy brand loyalty and precipitate legal action

cleanLABTM FRESHWAY is a specially formulated food safe disinfectant that effectively controls microbiological organisms at both the production and retail point.


  • Controls unwanted organisms on meat, fish, poultry and produce
  • Acts on contact, in seconds
  • Leaves no harmful or problematic residues
  • Leaves no taste or odour


How it works

cleanLABTM FRESHWAY contains a highly active food grade oxidiser as a food safe disinfectant that neutralises unwanted bacteria and viruses in seconds. On fresh produce, cleanLABTM FRESHWAY will also significantly reduce or eliminate pesticide residues on contact. Its unique formulation also contains an approved, food-grade wetting agent that allows the active ingredient to reach unwanted organisms that ‘hide’ inside the microscopic cuts and crevasses on the outer surface of food.


How to use


Used as a quick Manual Final Rinse before packaging, sales display or preparation for serving.
cleanLABTM FRESHWAY powder is ideal for preserving food freshness, improving appearance and smell (fish, seafood & meat) and eliminating any risk of food poisoning in:

  • Large Scale Professional Kitchens (schools, hotels, hospitals, prisons, office canteens)
  • Fast Food Outlets, Restaurants & Food Courts


Installed directly into the incoming water line, cleanLABTM FRESHWAY dispensers offer end users the Active Food Safe Disinfectant Solution On Tap, either directly or on a bypass line that can be activated on demand.
Dispensers are versatile and ideal for:

  • Food Producers: (Final Rinse/Spray before Packaging & Delivery)
  • Point of Sale Spray/Rinse to Prolong Shelf Life & Freshness
  • Environmental Hygiene as an easy, convenient filling point for disinfection containers used in Food Contact Hygiene
  • Direct Application with Hose/Spray Gun integrated Disinfection of Automated Food Machinery (After Hrs Rinse Cycle)
  • For the prevention of fungal and bacterial build-up in ice, ice cream and beverage machines.


Where to use


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